Mr Bean Games Skidding


Mr Bean Games Skidding is a new game appeared on our site where you will have a great time with Mr Bean,In this game you will ride a ironing board with Mr Bean on the streets and you have to go as far as possible in order to get a lot of points. Do your best to complete this game with Mr Bean with a big score, because it can take you on the podium where are only the best players in the world. To succeed that you have to work a lot, to be persistent. In this exciting game you have to use only the mouse to control Mr Bean on his board in order to avoid all the obstacles from the road and to collect bonuses. It is a difficult job, i am not going to lie you but i am sure if you train a lot, if you try again and again you will succeed to enter in the top of the best players. Mr Bean needs your help because he can't avoid all the obstacles by himself.  Enjoy free play game online on Have fun!

How to play:

Use the mouse to drag him on the street with his ironing board. If you hit something the game is over so be careful.

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