Mr Bean: Spot 8 Difference


Watch two images carefully and spot the 8 difference. 100 points for the right click and 50 points well be deducted for wrong clicks. If you click wrongly more than 3 times game will be ended. Complete the level in less time to earn more points. Mr Bean: Spot 8 Difference is a fun online spot-a-difference puzzle game (that will really test your eyesight!) where you have to figure out the differences between two puzzles. In each puzzle, there are two pictures of Mr Bean in funny situations. The pictures seem the same at first glance – but if you look closely, there are tiny differences between the two. Each puzzle is based on the hilarious TV character Mr Bean, who is always getting himself into comical situations. Test your memory as you try to pick out the miniscule differences between the two pictures. You’ll need an eagle eye and sharp thinking skills in this fun online picture puzzle that is suitable for all the family. It isn’t as easy as it sounds though, as each brain teaser contains several differences that your eye isn’t trained to see! You also have to play against the clock – as the faster you solve the puzzle, the more points you score. Ready to spot those differences oh Eagle-Eyed Puzzle Master? Good, let’s get memorizing!

How to play:

In each of the three levels, you are shown two seemingly similar pictures – one on top of the other. However, there are 8 small differences that you have to find in the bottom picture. These differences can be tiny, like a speck on Mr Bean’s tie or the missing handle of a door. You have a special pointer that is used to correct the differences. If you spot one, Left Click on the bottom picture exactly where the difference occurs. This will correct the difference in the bottom picture.
There are 8 differences in each puzzle, and every time you get one right, the counter at the bottom of the game screen goes down. If you click somewhere there is no difference, you lose a life and are deducted points. You score 100 points for each correct difference, and are deducted 50 points each time you get one wrong. You have three lives altogether – and if you lose them all, you have to start all over again. The timer ticks away at the bottom of the game area. The faster you solve the puzzle, the more points you score.
Use Mouse control.

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